We are the go-to writing team for television networks, technology companies, and content creators ready to bring audiences to brands across multiple platforms. From CEOs to celebrities to sellers, Big Fish writes press worthy speeches in the authentic voice of the presenter that captivate, persuade and inspire action.

Our unique approach to storytelling begins with an irresistible promise, which is supported by benefit-driven messaging and undeniable facts.

Persuasive Storytelling Arch

Brand Strategy

Whether launching a new brand or evolving an existing one, we’ll create a compelling brand story for all future communication, identity and marketing:

Conceiving the name
and tagline

Solidifying your brand’s
value proposition

Differentiating your brand
from the pack

Crafting the mission statement

Defining key sales messages

Clarifying personality
and attitude

Creating a brand filter

Exploring a look
and feel

Storytelling Workshops

During a daylong workshop, Big Fish CEO Robin Fisher Roffer takes your team through eye-opening exercises that reveal the essence of your brand and uncover the key benefits that differentiate it. Together, we create a brand narrative and powerful messaging that everyone inside and outside the company can interpret and use. The ultimate alignment tool, the workshop delivers…


Unification of vision under one highly believable proposition.


Solid foundation for all future communications.


Employees will be singing from the same sheet.

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