Robin Fisher Roffer Speaking at Pepsi Center Denver


From Microsoft to Mattel to Walmart, Robin’s captivating keynote presentations have touched thousands. Building on material from her critically acclaimed books: Make A Name For Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water and Your No Fear Career, Robin reveals the secrets to building an unforgettable personal brand and inspires professionals to become courageous leaders by embracing their uniqueness, focusing on their strengths, and working with greater authenticity to gain influence.

3 Steps to building your brand

With business changing at breakneck speed, we are all trying to find our place in the fastest market the world has ever known. It’s never been more critical to authentically define yourself, declare your mission, and cultivate a strong personal brand and professional image. This is the interlocking means to maximizing your value with employers, coworkers, and clients in uncertain times. During this transformational session, Robin uses compelling personal stories and workbook exercises to empower you to discover your brand, build your brand and own your brand.

Past participants include: AIG, CitiGroup, Discovery, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Philips, SAP, TED, TOMS, UBS, Voya, Walmart 

The secrets to being memorable

In today’s fast-paced business environment, being memorable is the key to unlocking potential and achieving career goals. In this keynote and interactive workshop, Robin shares how to own the room and positively engage decision-makers. Inspiring and empowering, Robin reveals how to create a stand-out introduction and purpose-driven personal narrative, and deliver it confidently. Through thoughtful exercises, you will unearth personal stories that distinguish you from the pack, reveal your true character, and make you feel like a superhero. Fearlessly armed with these strategies, you’ll galvanize your actions to consistently make a great impression so you can be unforgettable with clients and key influencers.

Past participants include: Columbia Business School, Discovery, FOX Networks Group, Home Team Sports, Mattel, Pepperdine, Warton School of Business

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Intuition is a superpower. Yet we often override our inner voice and miss out on opportunities. When we don’t trust our intuition, fear and obsessive thinking create roadblocks that stop us from seizing the moment and living our destiny. When we don’t take, action fear gains power. During this transformational talk, Robin Fisher Roffer will demonstrate how to trust ourselves, ready our brains to embrace change, and make courageous decisions—ultimately, empowering you to navigate your career fearlessly, push through adversity and use your intuition to shed what no longer works.

Past participants include: All About Women, Discovery, FOX Sports, Mattel, Northwestern, Women in Cable, Thirty-one Gifts, USC


It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Robin Fisher Roffer as the perfect keynote speaker to turn any conference into an entertaining and powerful experience. Her presentation was outstanding. She was engaging, dynamic and extremely motivating.

Celia Swanson
SVP, Change Management

Build Your Brand in Santa Fe, New Mexico


During a two-day visit to magical Santa Fe, NM, you’ll work one-on-one with Robin to craft an engaging personal brand for yourself and your career that positions you as a business thought leader and go-to expert in your field. Alternatively, Robin can come to your offices and work with members of your team. Here’s what you’ll get:


at your brand’s mission, vision, values, competitive positioning, key selling points and compelling narrative.


your greatest story – a new “About Me” – bio, resume, social media strategy, marketing ideas.


your signature presentation for yourself and your company: presentation outline, point-of-view, content/stories.

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In a world where you can google anyone or anything, compelling storytelling, presentation skills and executive presence are more important than ever. 

These human skills are particularly critical with the advancement of AI which gives everyone access to the same information. It’s all out there for the taking.

Understanding this, Big Fish creates an advanced skills and strategy training program to enable your sales executives to differentiate themselves intelligently in this competitive marketplace.

And we always go back to the basics of asking the right questions, active listening, providing smart solutions, and presenting in a way that’s professional, surprising, memorable, and, most of all, persuasive.

We work with your people on:

Commanding the room

Asking questions to uncover
client needs

Picking up on visual cues

Active listening

Engaging with passion

Bringing out your authentic personality

Body language and voice

Thinking on your feet

Customizing your open / pitch

Handling client curve balls

Telling a signature story

Building relationships for
now and the future


Working with Robin Fisher Roffer was a fantastic and extremely fruitful experience. Robin has a real ability to understand her client’s needs quickly and translate them into right-on-target deliverables.

Despite our short timing and last-minute changes, Robin turned around a custom workshop and training program with lightning fast speed. Robin’s “Leveraging Your Personal Brand” workshop for our 400+ Top Talent located around the world was a huge success and created a lot of buzz within the organization. I only hope I get the chance to work with Robin and her team again soon.

Kirsten Menes
SVP Global Talent Management
Philips Electronics