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FOX Networks Group


When companies merge, Big Fish is the go-to agency to create that inspiring new brand story that will be embraced and acted upon. In 2015 FOX Broadcasting, FOX Sports, FX and National Geographic broke down the silos between their ad sales teams and joined together. Over the next four years, until Disney acquired a majority of the company, Big Fish collaborated on every aspect of the business from brand storytelling and scriptwriting to advertising and collateral creation to sales training and strategy.


Acting as the scribes to executives manifesting billions, Big Fish facilitated messaging workshops, conceived the narratives, forged the story structure, and wrote the scripts that would serve as the underpinning for all communications internally and externally at FOX Networks Group.

Toby Byrne 2016 Fox Upfront


Running point on all design from presentations to sales collateral and trade advertising, Big Fish’s team of designers ensured that FOX Networks Group had a consistently stand-out presence everywhere their target audience lived and worked.


The keynote went incredibly well – as you can see from the article. Your beautiful slides were a key part of demonstrating the points made. Thank you for the impactful scripting and stunning visuals!

VP, Communications
FOX Networks Group