Branding Workshops


During a daylong workshop, Big Fish CEO Robin Fisher Roffer takes top executives on your team through eye-opening exercises that dig deep to find the essence of your brand and uncover the key benefits that differentiate it from the pack. Employing our proven 8-step brand-building methodology to define and position your company or product, we ultimately create an emotional connection with consumers, advertisers, distributors and employees.

Our Brand Strategies provide a powerful communications platform that everyone inside and outside the company can interpret and use, which in turn creates:


Unification of vision under one strong value-based proposition


Solid foundation for all future communications


Employees will be singing from the same songsheet


9:00amZero In On The Brand’s Mission
  • Recognize who inspires us
  • Explore core values
  • Create mission statement
  • Develop a brand filter
10:30amUnearth The Soul Of The Brand
  • List key benefits
  • Craft brand description
  • Arrive at theme/governing thought

12:00pmIdentify The Target Audience (Working Lunch)
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What promises can we make to them?
  • What is it we want them to say about us?
1:00pmWhat Makes Us Different?
  • Look at the competitive landscape
  • What can we do differently?
  • What is our unique point-of-view?
2:00pmWhat’s Standing In The Way?
  • Identify principal barriers
  • Strategize how to remove obstacles
2:30pmDefine The Look, Feel, And Personality
  • Make an attitude list; what are we and what are we not
  • What is the visual vibe?
  • What is our voice?
3:30pmAttract and Build The Audience
  • What can we do on-air, in print and outdoor?
  • What can we do online?
  • Who can we partner with to get the word out?

The workshop was a huge success, both in the moment and in the weeks since then. I think a big impact was made in a number of areas, but perhaps most significantly in team-building and focus. I was also struck by how effective you were at keeping everyone on track, gently helping everyone to understand the various exercises and results, and basically just shepherding us along so gently and skillfully that everyone felt like a rock star.

David Wertheimer
President – FOX Digital

Thank you for your brilliant spirit, and incredible strength. And your unconditional support of not only me, but the fantastic women in my group.

Vice President of Creative Services – FOX Networks

After Robin’s unique workshop, we felt inspired by a brand that had long felt tired. Building on our new direction, we rolled out a website, image campaign and on-air spots. Five years later, we are still using the creative Robin developed!

VP Marketing & Communications – Discovery Place