From Microsoft, Mattel and Walmart to the Wharton School of Business, Robin’s captivating keynote presentations have touched thousands.  Building on material from her critically acclaimed books: Make A Name For Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water and Your No Fear Career, Robin reveals the secrets to building an unforgettable personal brand and inspires professionals to become courageous leaders by embracing their uniqueness, focusing on their strengths, and working with greater authenticity to gain influence.


Business is changing at breakneck speed, and what seems like a groundbreaking idea today can be old news tomorrow.  Running on a hamster wheel, we try to find our place in the fastest changing market the world has ever known. During this inspiring keynote, Robin shares the secrets to fearless leadership and making your mark in uncertain times. She demonstrates how to unearth your mission, envision your future, and tell your greatest story. Providing proven techniques to quiet your inner judge, Robin will help you show up confidently to build trust and deepen relationships. Regardless if you’re entry level, a seasoned executive or business owner, Robin’s tried-and-true system of clarifying true purpose will transform your career and your life.


A woman’s superpower is her intuition. Yet we often override the inner voice designed to guide our way in life. How often do you know the right direction to take, and then become filled with doubt, only to lose the opportunity at hand?  When we don’t trust our intuition, fear and obsessive thinking create roadblocks that stop us from seizing the moment. With each second that passes without taking action our fear gains power. During this illuminating talk, Robin Fisher Roffer will demonstrate how to trust ourselves, ready our brains to embrace change, and make courageous decisions. Ultimately, empowering women to navigate their careers fearlessly, push through adversity and use their intuition to shed what no longer works.


If you don’t tell your story, others will tell it for you, and they may get it wrong. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the quality and relevance of your personal narrative and its confident, proactive delivery can mean the difference between being respected in your industry or irrelevant. During this interactive session, Robin helps you create a captivating narrative for your career by unearthing stories that distinguish you from the pack, reveal your true character and make you feel like a superhero. Fearlessly armed with strategies to tell your signature story, you’ll begin to galvanize your actions behind it so you can authentically connect with clients and key influencers.


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Robin was the keynote speaker for our Catch the Wave Regional Conference this April in Cleveland and was incredible! She connected with both the corporate members and women business owners who attended, and they can’t stop talking about how great she was! Icing on the cake…Robin is so easy to work with and even offered to facilitate her Storytelling workshop as an added value just to ensure that we had a quality experience. Thank you so much Robin for simply being you!

Program & Event Manager – Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council

Thank you for speaking to TOMS new Leading Ladies group. Your presentation really solidified the tangible benefit and value we can provide through this organization and for that I am grateful. Your presentation was the most authentic approach I have seen – and I have seen many in my years in corporate America on this critical topic of self branding. Thank you again for your passion and for your spark!

Chief Digital Officer – TOMS

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Robin Fisher Roffer as the perfect keynote speaker to turn any conference into an entertaining and powerful experience. Her presentation was outstanding. She was engaging, dynamic and extremely motivating.

SVP, Change Management – Walmart

Your speech perfectly hit the mark for our audience. The impact of thinking about ourselves, not just our product or service, as a ‘brand’ had a profound effect on everyone in attendance. Our standing ovation was heart-felt, and I thank you for imparting such invaluable information and inspiration in your talk.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

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