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CEO, Robin Fisher Roffer

America’s premier brand strategist and storyteller, Robin provides the rocket fuel that has launched and evolved many of the world’s most admired brands. Guiding powerhouse players like CNN, HBO, MTV, NBC Universal, Food Network, FOX, Warner Bros, Verizon and more, she distinguishes brands from their competitors, and can do the same for you.  More >

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Is Your Message Missing The Mark?

Why do the biggest brands in the world turn to Big Fish to craft their greatest story? Our proven process unearths the simple truth and declares a powerful, relatable intention. From Bloomberg and MTV to Wet n Wild Cosmetics, see how we've reinvented world-class brands by touring our extensive portfolio


Ready To Move Up Or Move On?

If you’re on the executive career path looking to stand above the crowd, accelerate upward mobility, reinvent your career or create solid job security in an insecure world, Robin can guide you in effectively identifying then communicating your indispensable brilliance through a career-igniting personal brand. More...


Want To Close More Clients?

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed professional seeking to attract and close more of the right clients while becoming a stand-out celebrity in your industry, it’s time to discover and express your genius, super-charge your business and make more money through a powerhouse you-driven brand. More...


What's The Secret Sauce To Selling You?

(Hint: It's in Robin's Books and Products)


23 Ways To Make A Name For Yourself

Whether you want to be loved and accepted, respected and recognized or promoted and prized, these are the secrets to making your mark.

On the eve of my company’s 23rd anniversary, I sat down and asked myself, “How did I get here?” The following is a short list of the many lessons I’ve learned growing Big Fish and working with top executives at some of the world’s biggest brands.


Have Robin Keynote Your Conference

Robin's captivating speeches show professionals how to build a personal brand and present themselves in a way that reframes and reignites their identity. From Citibank and Sam’s Club to Mattel and Microsoft, Robin has revealed the secrets to building great brands and inspired participants to embrace their uniqueness, focus on their strengths, and work with greater authenticity to gain influence. More...

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