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Robin Fisher Roffer brings her vast experience building world-class brands and sales presentations into every customized training program. In just one day, Robin’s proven process guides organizations and their people to create an inspiring mission, key sales messages, powerful value proposition, captivating story and standout marketing strategies. With interactive demos and engaging exercises, Robin empowers professionals at every level and in any industry to deliver a fearless presentation that defines who they are and why what they do and say matters now.


Maximizing performance from your sales team has never been more critical. The quality and relevance of their message and its delivery can mean the difference between your company’s success or failure. During this dynamic workshop, Robin Fisher Roffer teaches your sales team the Messaging Hierarchy: a framework that will help them sculpt a crisply articulated story that resonates with clients and customers. This session will also reveal the “Elements of a Great Deck” and conclude with your team applying the new knowledge they’ve gained to a real life opportunity they can bring to a client or customer. Galvanizing your salespeople, Robin will help your sales team to “sing from the same song sheet” so they reach and even exceed sales goals by attracting new clients, generating greater customer loyalty, and increased revenue.

Past course participants include: AMC, Food Network, Cooking Channel


This lively workshop offers the 10 sparks, which quickly ignite your sales team’s presentation delivery so that it powerfully connects with clients and customers. Through experiential speaker training and demonstrations, Robin Fisher Roffer reveals the secrets to giving the Presentation of Your Life by making a great first impression, taking charge of the room immediately, engaging with passion, using your voice to establish credibility, telling your greatest story, getting your swagger on and “being the brand” you represent so that you can “get to YES” and close deals with comfort and ease.

Past course participants include: HGTV, Travel Channel, American Packaging


If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will! It’s never been more critical to define yourself, declare your mission, and cultivate a strong personal brand and professional image. This is the interlocking means to positively stand out from the pack, bringing maximum value to employers, coworkers, and clients. Based on her critically acclaimed book, Make A Name For Yourself, Roffer leads your group through a transformational 6-step process fueled by workbook exercises and a networking session, where participants audition their new brands.

Past course participants include: Philips, Walmart, TOMS, Discovery, TED


Having a strong esprit de corps starts by uniting your people with a powerful mission and common language. Within your corporation, your team is seen as an independent profit center that must cultivate entrepreneurial sensibilities in order to succeed. This half-day or daylong workshop uncovers your team’s key benefits, their true purpose, unique specialty and coveted expertise in order to elevate their profile increase productivity and innovation, and relevance to the company and its customers. In the process, your team will create a clear value proposition, building unity and driving revenue.

Past course participants include: Sony Pictures Television, Fox Network


In today’s fiercely competitive market, it’s critical to stand out from the crowd – to fit in without blending in. Celebrating diversity, Roffer will motivate your group to embrace, enhance and communicate their uniqueness so that they can live and work fearlessly and successfully. By participating in demonstrations and completing comprehensive exercises from her book, The Fearless Fish Out of Water, your group will be inspired to achieve their highest potential. Whether you’re a woman in a male-dominated workplace, a minority, a geek, a nonconformist, or just boldly individual, you’ll learn how being different can fuel your success and take you all the way to the top.

Past course participants include: NAMIC, Wharton School of Business, UCLA

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Working with Robin Fisher Roffer was a fantastic and extremely fruitful experience. Robin has a real ability to understand her client’s needs quickly and translate them into right-on-target deliverables. Despite our short timing and last minute changes, Robin turned around a custom workshop and training program with lightening fast speed. Robin’s “Leveraging Your Personal Brand” workshop for our 400+ Top Talent located around the world was a huge success and created a lot of buzz within the organization. I only hope I get the chance to work with Robin and her team again soon.

SVP Global Talent Management – Philips Electronics

Thank you so much for your personal investment over the last week with the teams in NY and Denver. I love authenticity, depth and practicality… which you are and delivered to the comprehensive body as well as the individual.

Vice President – Comcast Wholesale

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