The world’s most dynamic people are constantly evolving. Isn’t it time you reinvent yourself?

I’m feeling that itch again. I’ve never liked standing still too long. That’s not the way to move forward. Best selling author Michael Port agrees. When I asked him, “What is the single biggest challenge facing you in 2014?” He answered, “Staying interested.” Bingo! That’s the feeling. That’s the itch. 

It takes courage to stay interested – to be interesting – to live an interesting life. You have to reinvent yourself over and over.

Before you get bored, completely burned out, done with the B.S. and so full of anxiety you can’t sleep, take a healthy dose of my 12-month prescription for fearlessly doing this year differently than the past.

January: Own Your Truth

People who are rising to the top in business tell their truth and live their lives with conviction. This is the month to own your past, recognize old patterns, exhibit faith and show compassion for yourself and others.

February: Quiet Your Inner Judge

Let go of good and bad, right and wrong, black and white and the person you think you should be. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m obsessing about really important?” This question could save your business and your life.

March: Make Your Own Luck

Build a relevant brand to help you stand out and attract opportunities. Being solidly grounded in who you are—without apology – you’ll become the Lady Gaga-Steve Jobs-Oprah-Ellen-Einstein of your world.

April: Become A Rainmaker

Instead of hiding behind email, go to a conference and connect with prospective partners, clients or employers. Confidently tell them why you’d be an asset to their business. Remember, you’ve got to get out to get in.

May: Declare Your Specialty

Being a generalist is very old news. Narrow your focus and carve out a niche that attracts opportunities and higher fees. This month, turn your skills into your area of expertise.

June: Leave A Bad Work Situation

When the culture or situation isn’t the right fit. Leave with grace and without burning bridges. Avoid getting into the blame game, or lost in details and gossip. Let go of resentment. You deserve to be happy!

July: Travel To Find Yourself

Want to be more inspired at work? Travel. To experience a career rebirth, you have to leave the office. Make your journey an expedition to the soul and you’ll discover who you really are, and what you want to do next.

August: Get Your Swagger Back

Every morning think back to when you aced a presentation, won a project, received an honor or captured a major piece of business. Now, stand tall, speak with authority and smile big from that place of strength.

September: Tell Your Greatest Story

Making a strong impression starts with being authentic – not by performing or being emotionally manipulative. Proudly share your mission and your accomplishments in a way that serves others and you will instill confidence.

October: Get Off The Hamster Wheel

If you’re feeling overworked, let the season inspire you to shed some leaves. Be willing to let go of whatever is not working. Stop going round and round with projects or people that will never materialize or monetize.

November: Bust The Myths About You

Let’s face it, you’re branded the minute you walk through the door. If you’ve been viewed negatively, change perceptions by showing up in your essence and focusing on the unique qualities that make you valuable.

December: Make Peace With The Past

Self-doubt will always stop you from moving forward. You could be drudging up the muck of your childhood, a bad break-up or a co-worker that went negative on you. Look at it as a gift and stay in the present.

To live deeply and stay interested in business, reinvent yourself. Courageously make 2014 the year to be fearlessly you!