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With so much competition and change happening in the market, it’s more important than ever to create a personal brand. Yet, personal branding is so overlooked and misunderstood. Without a solid and relevant personal brand, you are just another little silver fish in a sea filled with little silver fish.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, or how amazingly superior your work performance is compared to others inside and outside your company – if you are not the person who comes immediately to mind when a new position opens or a key project requires exceptional talent, then it’s imperative that you become both visible and relevant with a strong personal brand!


By creating an authentic and meaningful personal brand you will be:

  • Valued for who you are professionally and personally
  • Attract the promotions and projects you desire
  • Create new opportunities and demand for your talents
  • Walk your career path with integrity
  • Distinguish yourself in your company and your field
  • Command more money while doing what you love


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Robin Fisher Roffer is ranked among the World’s Top 5 Brand Gurus, and she provides the rocket fuel that has launched many of the world’s most admired brands. Guiding powerhouse players like CNN, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Microsoft, she differentiates brands from their competitors and will do the same for you in her new groundbreaking video training program REINVENT YOURSELF IN 30 DAYS.

How are you perceived at your company and in your industry? Is it how you want to be thought of and valued?

Look, business is a talent show. No one knows what’s special about you better than you do. So, don’t squander it… focus on it! Create a value proposition for yourself by planting your flag in the ground and declaring who you are and what you’re good at. If you haven’t done this for yourself others have probably done it for you, but they might have gotten it wrong.

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • Nobody in my department really “gets” me or what I bring to the table – I feel totally pigeonholed!
  • My “elevator speech” is boring. When I tell people what I do at networking events, their eyes glaze over.
  • I can’t communicate what I do simply and effectively.
  • I’m the best-kept secret in my field, and that is not working for me anymore!
  • I’m worried that I’m no longer relevant and I’ve hit a ceiling. I’m concerned I might even lose my job.
  • I’ve had the same position for years and never seem to move up.
  • Several co-workers at my level command higher salaries and that frustrates me.
  • I want a raise but every time I ask, I hear “not right now” and I feel stuck.
  • Why are my co-workers getting promoted when I know I do more and perform SO much better?


All professionals succeed on the power of the personal brand they create for themselves.

Becoming an unforgettable and indispensable doesn’t just happen by deciding it’s a good idea. There’s a lot of work to do…it’s a process… and with this 30-day training program, you’ll get that process delivered inside engaging 3 – 5 minute videos which lead to revealing workbook exercises that will help you to write your greatest story and become unforgettable in business. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be able to talk about yourself, the benefits of working with you and your accomplishments in a powerful way that transcends the company you work for and your title.


I’m sure that you fought tooth and nail to get where you are today. But at a certain point it’s not about what you do or how well you perform, it’s about why you do what you do. To find this “WHY” behind your career, you have to articulate your value and what you stand for. Today’s most admired executives live their lives with conviction and that’s what building a brand delivers – a true purpose for your very existence.

Working your way from the inside out is KEY to separating yourself from your competition. And it starts with defining yourself, YOU as a person. If you know that you are here for a reason and you want to fearlessly reach your highest potential by living with true purpose, this program is for you. If you are tired of being the best-kept secret in your industry and you’re ready to step into the spotlight to be seen as the extraordinary professional you are, and get paid accordingly, then order today!

Aspire to become iconic and legendary by reinventing yourself!

If you are a dynamic businessperson, I’m certain that you are often the last person on your nurturing list. But the better you treat your brand, the more successful you’ll be. Focusing and fulfilling potential is not selfish—it’s why you’re here.

GO AHEAD, shine brightly and give the world a fearless representation of who you are and what you can do. Aspire to become iconic and legendary. This is the training program that will empower you to be yourself and stand up for your work so that your unique vision and inspirational leadership makes a real difference in the world!


Get a Renewed Vision for your career and your future.

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Robin Fisher Roffer
Founder & CEO, Big Fish Marketing


Thank you Robin and Steven. Your energy is infectious; your experience invaluable. I greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure I was getting the most from the workshop. It’s up to me now to utilize the invaluable career reinvention tools and insights you shared to take the next and most valuable step. But you’ve given me a safe and supportive foundation to take that leap. Very impressed!

Kelleigh Dulany
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility – Comedy Central

A transformation experience – having the roadmap to launch my life’s dream by bettering the lives of Asian woman. The workshop supports me to own my power. I appreciate the brilliance and the nurturing of Robin Fisher Roffer, and how she constructed the workshop to help me explore and gain clarity about my very own brand.

Angie Wong
President – Credit Card Division, First Interstate Bank

I was just sitting here feeling great and cognizant of the “high” I’ve been on since this past weekend and wanted to once again say THANK YOU for a truly invigorating weekend. This incredible workshop gave me the building blocks to uncover my mission, brand and tagline. This information I gained will be invaluable in the future with other strategies I’m sure to be involved in personally and professionally.

Rich Vaughn
Managing Attorney – National Fertility Law CenterRAVE