America’s leading brand strategist shares her step-by-step program for creating an unforgettable identity in today’s marketplace.

Do you ever go to work and think to yourself “there must be more”? Of feel that your true talents and abilities aren’t being utilized, or even recognized? Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur who isn’t sure how to rise to the top in today’s competitive environment? Wouldn’t it be empowering to be able to work in a field you feel passionately about and be successful and well paid?

In Make A Name For Yourself, Robin Fisher Roffer shows you how to develop a unique personal brand strategy for success by identifying your extraordinary attributes, zeroing in on your values and passions, and learning how to use them in today’s marketplace. In short, you’ll uncover a focused direction for your career that celebrates you.

In a step-by-step program, Roffer covers:

  • Unearthing your authentic self to develop a brand that reflects your natural
  • talents, abilities and passions
  • Defining your long term career goals and dreams
  • Adapting and selling your brand to your target market
  • Packaging yourself to reflect your authentic brand image
  • Launching, maintaining and building your brand

Available in six languages all over the world, Make A Name For Yourself is for anyone starting out in the workforce, launching their own business, changing careers or trying to make it in the corporate world.