Fearless Fish

America’s leading brand strategist shares her step-by-step program for creating an unforgettable identity in today’s marketplace.

Conform to the norm or stand out? Fit in or break the mold? Can you be what they expect you to be, and still be yourself? The Fearless Fish Out Of Water offers a business success guide for anyone who’s different, and gives readers a permission slip to celebrate their unique style.

Here are the insider secrets to doing it your way and doing it big! You can be true to yourself and you can be your own person – without sacrificing the success you know you’re capable of achieving. No matter what sets you apart – gender, race, age, style, attitude, or anything else, you can still make it to the top, not despite your differences, but because of them.

At one time or another, we’ve all been the fish out of water. You might have felt left out, undervalued, ignored, or misunderstood – whether because of your style or your circumstances. But when you focus on the positive aspects of what makes you different, you can turn your differences into an advantage. Here, you’ll find personal stories from successful professionals were also fish out of water and learn how to make the most of your differences with practical insight, easy-to-follow guidelines, and engaging exercises.

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