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23 Ways To Make A Name For Yourself

By Robin Fisher Roffer

Robin Fisher Roffer, Founder and CEO Big Fish Marketing, Inc

Robin Fisher Roffer, Founder and CEO Big Fish Marketing, Inc

Whether you want to be loved and accepted, respected and recognized or promoted and prized, these are my secrets to making your mark.

On the eve of my company’s 23rd anniversary, I sat down and asked myself, “How did I get here?” The following is a short list of the many lessons I’ve learned growing Big Fish and working with top executives at some of the world’s biggest brands. More…

Top Reinvention Artists, 2014

By Robin Fisher Roffer

TaylorSwift WEBClassic, irreverent, incisive, evocative – here are the most remarkable transformations of 2014

Taylor Swift – 2014 was a banner year for the “1989” creator – Swift officially shook off both country music and her reputation as a lovelorn early-twentysomething, and embraced pop super-stardom, simultaneously cultivating a self-possessed, mature image: terrific interactions with fans, and cheerful peeks into her weekends with girlfriends, gourmet meals, jetsetting adventures, and her new cat, via Instagram. Womanhood is a wonderful look for Swift. More…

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

By Robin Fisher Roffer

When a dream is finally realized, your inner judge may try to sabotage it. Here’s how I finally quieted the critical voices and just let go.

forgiveness photo“Mommy, you were amazing!” my teenage daughter exclaimed as she hugged my neck. It was the first time she’d seen me give a keynote, and this one was in front of thousands of people. It was a dream fulfilled to speak at an arena.  I had imagined the moment to be one of the most exhilarating of my life, a moment I should have been overjoyed to share with my daughter, but all I could say to her was, “I don’t think so.”

My keynote on Living Fearlessly, one of many I’d given on a tour promoting my new book, The No-Fear Career, had brought 14,000 people to their feet, but I couldn’t hear their applause, only the critical inner voice that was scoring my performance telling me I wasn’t good enough, I was in my head, not my body, I went over my allotted time… More…

How to Negotiate A Great Salary

By Robin Fisher Roffer

Strike your best deal and feel good about it! Here are tips from one of the country’s top negotiation experts.

Salary NegotiationWhat are your salary requirements?  What does the right package look like for you?  Those questions can be tough to answer, especially if you’ve lost a big job and you’re rethinking your worth, or if you’re ready to make a change after a long time at one company and you’re unsure how to value your expertise. More…

Getting Over Post-Project Depression

By Robin Fisher Roffer

pressure to be perfectEver get that empty feeling when you’ve worked intensely on something big and then it ends?

During the first quarter of this year I worked on three major projects that had me zigzagging the country through the dead of winter to New York, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Tampa and Atlanta.  The pace was non-stop and the stakes were high.  I worked closely with my clients every day to ensure that what I was delivering was on target. We collaborated on strategy, told each other about our personal lives, made each other laugh, got as close as family.  And then it was over. More…

Top Reinvention Artists of 2013

By Robin Fisher Roffer

Fearless, irreverent, and purpose-driven — there’s a lot to learn from this year’s Big Fish Hall Of Fame inductees.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick HarrisBest known as the lovable wunderkind doctor of ‘90s television, Neil Patrick Harris has worked tirelessly to expand his sitcom repertoire to include stage as well as screen, and in the process become a consummate comedian and entertainer. Following the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, Harris announced his engagement to his long-term partner, infusing his personal brand with advocacy for issues he is passionate about. He has recently made the transition from long-time Tony Award host to hosting the Emmys, making him more visible and beloved to the public.  More…

Unmotivated? Burned Out? Stuck?

By Robin Fisher Roffer

Answering these questions will help you come back to yourself so you can finally move forward.

Over the summer I had the privilege of spending a week in Atlanta, the city where I started my professional life.  I thought about all the jobs I held there in my 20’s: stints in fashion and music, and promotion director posts at a pop radio station, alternative newspaper and finally at TNT, where I made a name for myself in the cable television industry.   More…

How To Sell Your Ideas Like Don Draper

By Robin Fisher Roffer

Could playing small be what’s keeping you from winning big in business?

Each time I sit down to watch an episode of Mad Men I’m drawn in by the power that Don Draper commands in a meeting. He knows that he’s got the right idea. His cocksure pitch blankets the client in confidence. With total faith, they believe that the campaign will work to increase sales and build their personal reputations as genius decision makers. And whether it’s Cool Whip or Clearasil, Don and the Mad Men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce deliver. More…

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