Everyone is talking about what’s on his or her bucket list. I’m making one that declares what I NEVER want to do again before I die.

1. Hold on to mediocre employees and hope they’ll improve

2. Work with a known misogynist

3. Eat wasabi and think it’s avocado

4. Take on a client without a signed contract

5. Stay in relationship with a client that threatens to fire me (next time I’ll let them)

6. Fly coach to the Middle East

7. Use divisive language to shake things up and create change (come to think of it, maybe “train wreck” wasn’t the right word choice)

8. Take on too many clients at the same time

9. Complain about having too many clients at the same time

10. Ski

11. Volunteer to chair a school gala

12. Treat employees like family — I’ve got one

13. Drink a cocktail in Costa Rica containing ice

14. Work with a client who is having an affair with her boss who happens to be my friend’s husband

15. Wear stilettos to a lawn party

16. Work my assistant so hard that she passes out

17. Forget to lock my doors at night

18. Let someone finish the sentence, “I’m saying this as a friend…”

19. Trying to grow broccoli in New Mexico

20. Not believing in myself

Before you think about all the places you want to go and all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket, first decide what you will never do again. Life’s just too short to repeat what doesn’t work for you.

So what’s on your anti-bucket list?