Some of us peak in high school and some of us find career fulfillment at 70. Have you hit your peak?

At the beginning of December, my 13-year-old daughter told me that she wanted to switch to a private prep school after Winter Break. The alternative school she was attending was no longer challenging her and she wanted more structure – a place where she could feel a sense of accomplishment.

After a few days at her new school, she told me how happy she was and that she felt that it was the perfect fit. I asked her about friends. She told me that she found some great girls to hang out with and that they were not in the “popular group.”

My daughter and I discussed the pros and cons of being popular in middle school and high school and we concluded that it was not the time to hit your peak. It was only the beginning of a long journey – one where the early years should be about creating a strong foundation for all that was to come along.

I’ve peaked three times in my life. The first time was in college when I was president of my sorority. The second time was in the mid-90’s when I was mentored by the legendary Brandon Tartikoff and launched networks for Sony Pictures Television in Asia. The third peak in my life is happening right now.

Reaching your peak happens when become fearlessly open to every possibility.

How do I know that I’m at the top of my game? I wake up every morning feeling excited about the day ahead. Opportunities just flow to me without me pushing. I trust that I’m being supported and loved by something greater than me. As a result, I am doing work that brings me fulfillment with clients who respect my talents.

Here are five ways you can reach your peak:

  1. Write a vision statement and use it as a North Start to guide your career. My vision is “To be the most sought after authority on brand creation and reinvention.”
  2. Don’t let your circumstances define who you are. Know that whatever is going on in your life is happening for you, not to you.
  3. Wake up every morning with gratitude in your heart. Thank the Universe for three things in your life that are a blessing. Enjoy being where you are.
  4. Put yourself out there. Network with intention. Tell everyone in your sphere of influence your mission and vision for your career and ask for their support.
  5. Say YES to opportunity. Follow-up the day you are asked or feel interest. Don’t put up roadblocks or come up with excuses. Read the signs. Just go for it.

Whether you peaked early or late in your career, make that climb again without longing – only satisfaction knowing you deserve to be at the top.