Take charge! Transcend the title corporate gave you and define yourself.

If you’re having trouble describing you lickity split – here is the solution – create a tagline. A tagline speaks volumes about who you are and what you can do in a quick word or short phrase. If conceived correctly, your tagline will make an unforgettable impression.

Rather than introducing myself as CEO of Big Fish Marketing, which lacks any interest or emotional connection, I say, “I’m Robin Fisher Roffer… I reinvent brands and reignite professionals.” My tagline gives me an immediate positive reaction and invites conversation.

That line goes on the home page of my website, my Facebook profile and LinkedIn page. I also use it to sign off my emails. This lets my target audience knows what I can do for them without taking the 30-second ride up the preverbal elevator.

Just do it! Make your personal tagline a succinct expression that differentiates you from the pack.

Here are 3 powerful steps to creating your tagline:

Step 1: Identify your unique skills and best qualities, and create a list of descriptive words and phrases that correspond to your professional self. Look for something you can deliver that few can and that you love to do.

Step 2: Edit your definition down to a zippy phrase that aligns with your job or the most magnetic aspects of your career. Your tagline should be the verbal equivalent of a logo that will come to people’s mind when they hear your name.

Step 3: Make your tagline benefit-driven, aspirational, descriptive or a call to action. “You’re in good hands with Allstate” is benefit driven. BMW’s tagline is descriptive, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” Nike’s “Just Do It” is aspirational, while American Express’ tagline “Take Charge,” is a call to action.

The personal tagline you use to define and position yourself should be simple, positive and unique. A clear, concise declaration of what you do, what makes you special, and why the world should care, your tagline should be short (6 words or less) and not too cute or clever.

I have a friend who’s an “Eco-Journalist,” another who’s a “Book doctor,” and one who calls herself “The Transformation Catalyst.” I recently worked with Greg Clark at MTV on his tagline and we came up with “Marketing Specialist. Ratings Driver.” A computer consultant I know who not only fixes IT problems, but also calms down stressed out, tech-challenged executives, uses the tagline “Cyber Therapist.”

So aren’t you more than an Office Assistant, Director of Marketing, Account Executive or VP of Finance? Sure you are! Create a tagline that frames you as relevant and valuable. Make your tagline descriptive, aspirational, benefit driven or a call to action. Don’t allow the world to define you. The next time you go to a networking event, honor your talents by revealing your dynamic spirit in a captivating tagline that speaks volumes about you.

Think different! Make your tagline express that incredible mix of everything that makes you undeniably unique and valuable.